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  • Sara Gallo - President Elect


    Being on the Executive Board of PAVMT over the last year has been a rewarding and challenging experience as co-chair of the Membership/social committee. As someone who is both leading a statewide telemedicine business, engaging in healthcare policy advocacy, and a clinician providing and advocating for telehealth; I feel confident in what foundation PAVMT has built for its members and would like to run for President-elect for the 2022 elections. Since becoming more involved in PAVMT, I have seen its growth to support PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine, building a community and empowering PAs to adopting telemedicine comfortably and providing access to vetted job opportunities, tools for telemedicine delivery within an organization, and advocating on a state and federal level within the telehealth arena. I would like to see continued growth in membership, more awareness and engagement in telemedicine policy as an organization with education and advocacy tools, along with building robust leadership mentoring community to help PAs be strategic players inside their own organizations to further the delivery and adoption of telemedicine to provide better access to quality, safe, and responsible care that is inclusive to all patients. Over the last year as co-chair of the membership committee, I was able to help identify opportunities to provide more value to members and advocate for more efficient membership enrollment and important data collection about our members. We were able to successfully run 2 membership campaigns and find ways to get lapsed members to reenroll by working on outreach. I would like to provide more transparent ways to communicate the value of being a PAVMT member and lead more member focused opportunities for networking within our community over the next year which I would like to do in collaboration with the committee chairs and their teams. With PAVMT being still in their infancy of development, I strongly believe that I have the skillset to further the initiatives within the organization and help build more value into PAVMT membership and as an organization that is known nationally as a community of subject matter experts in the implementation and innovation of telemedicine.

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