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  • Established in 2018 - PAVMT represents PAs practicing in the rapidly growing field of virtual care and telemedicine. We are the only national organization focused exclusively on expanding PA representation in this area of healthcare.

    PAs are a critical part of effective healthcare delivery and should be broadly represented across the healthcare system. PAVMT strives to engage PAs in understanding the development, implementation, and use of virtual health care as it pertains to access and delivery of innovative care for the modern healthcare system.


    To empower our profession to advance the use of virtual health care through up-to-date health care legislation, regulation, and best practices in collaboration with other professional organizations.



    • Advocate legislatively for PAs to reduce or eliminate barriers in access to virtual health care careers

    • Collaborate with AAPA and state constituent organizations to identify and eliminate Federal and state legislative barriers to PA practice in virtual health care


    • Collaborate with AAPA by empowering professional organizations with the value that PAs offer virtual health care

    • Engage the general public regarding the access and delivery of virtual health care by PAs

    • Coordinate with employers - both large and small - to engage with PAs in the delivery of virtual health care

    • Connect with and identify vendors, platforms and service providers across the telehealth space best suited to support and advance PA practice


    • Act as a specialty organization supporting and driving best practices regarding virtual medicine/telemedicine

    • Offer timely and convenient consultation regarding virtual medicine to individuals and organizations

    • Provide direction and information for educational programs in the use of virtual health care


    • Seek and engage collaborative partners in the employment of PAs in virtual health careers

    • Support individual PAs in identifying opportunities in virtual health, both through employment and establishing individual practice efforts

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