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  • Hina Mazharuddin - Vice President


    Hello everyone- My name is Hina Mazharuddin and I am your current vice president for PAs and virtual Medicine and Telemedicine.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to serve in this capacity for the past year. I’ve been so fortunate to have been part of a great team and together we have been able to bring so many projects into fruition.

    You’ve seen me in the CMEs that we have created - and I am working hard to create and to bring you more this year ! We were fortunate that we have been able to get them AAPA Category one approved-As we are really mindful in bringing you content and resources for that are applicable for our practicing PAs.

    For My role specifically - I have been fortunate enough to Lead the education pillar for our organization.

    Behind the scenes I get the opportunity to collaborate with various PA institutions to help integrate telemedicine education into the PA curriculum. Telemedicine is here to stay and it is so critical that we start learning and becoming proficient during our PA education.

    Also as your current VP I’ve had the opportunity to expand our reach by collaborating with other well respected institutions like PA Foundation. Together we provided talks to PA programs nationwide on Addressing Pain Management Via Telemedicine. I also had the opportunity to share our voice in how virtual platforms may help address various social determinants of health that affect our patients.

    Thank you so much for Trusting me and providing me the platform to create thus far.

    If you would vote for me I would be so grateful to continue this journey and bring these projects and so much more into fruition.

    Thank you so much once again

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