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    CARES Act Expands Funding for Telehealth Resource Centers - a Potential Boon to PA Telehealth Practice

    Desmond Watt

    The consortium of 12 regional and 2 national telehealth resource centers is getting funding from last month's CARES Act to help healthcare providers and other organizations ramp up their telehealth and mHealth programs.

    These Federally funded centers are resource rich and experts in supporting development, launch and expansion of telehealth platforms and programs. The rapid expansion of telehealth utilization opens up significant opportunity - and risk - for those entering the field in earnest. PAs should seek the experts and follow their guidance - both for quality and expediency in launching their own telehealth journey.

    The expanded funding to these programs presents an important opportunity for telehealth - and PAs - to help ensure we are not recreating the wheel as we seek to serve our patients in these novel settings.

    More Information at mHealthIntelligence

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