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  • Addressing Pain management


    This curriculum focuses on providing a foundation for PA students and other pre-prescribers to navigate pain management in a world that relies increasingly on telemedicine. The training offered through this program will highlight the subtleties of working with pain patients through telemedicine, with an emphasis on mental health, and preventing the abuse and misuse of prescription opioids.

    Through this seminar, students will:

    • Learn the key differences between telemedicine and in-person care
    • Understand how pain management may be affected by the global environment
    • Learn to screen for a co-occurring mental health condition when treating pain
    • Practice responsibly managing pain treatment with a patient through telemedicine
    • Recognize resources that can help strengthen patient accountability and education

    Don’t miss the “Choose Your Own Adventure” telemedicine simulation below to test your skills as a provider working with an example patient.

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