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    Calling all PA Students!

    Please Join PAVMT’s Executive Board VP Hina Mazharuddin, PA-C and Student Director Ellena Hasley, PA-C for the Grand Finale of the Introduction to Telemedicine webinar series for PA Students on Monday December 7, 2020 at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST. 

    Topics will include:

    • Interactive patient cases
    • Synchronous and asynchronous Telemedicine
    • PANCE style questions
    • Rapidfire Q&A

    Come be part of the virtual PA-S team as we learn about all things telemedicine...and have some fun along the way!

    Looking forward to seeing you there! 

    Hina Mazharuddin, PA-C
    Vice President
    PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine (PAVMT)

    Hina Mazharuddin, PA-C is the Vice President for PA’s in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine. She graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX in 2009. She has worked in multiple areas of medicine that include Family Practice, Retail Health, Occupational Medicine/ Outpatient Orthopedics, Pain Management, Aesthetic Medicine, Obesity Medicine and now Telemedicine. She served on the senior management team for a retail health-telemedicine clinic and with that experience was able to implement telemedicine visits in current her Obesity Medicine practice. By being able to rapidly implement telemedicine into her practice she was able to help keep the clinic doors virtually open and take care of her patients during the COVID 19 pandemic.  She often says this was a blessing for her as it allowed her to keep her staff employed and keep her patients healthy.

    Hina also served on the first executive board for PAVMT and continues to help our fellow PA’s in Leadership, Advocacy/Legislation, Job opportunities and Education.  With her background in education, she continues to serve as a guest lecturer for many PA programs on Introduction to Telemedicine courses. Her passion for education allows her to also serve as the mentor for the new Student Director.

    Ellena Hasley, PA-C
    Student Director
    PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine (PAVMT)

    Ellena Hasley is the current Student Director of PAVMT for the 2020-2021 year. She is a 2020 graduate from Duquesne University with her Master of Physician Assistant Studies. During her time at Duquesne she served as the president of the student AAPA affiliated organization at Duquesne, PASA. Her passion for telemedicine started due to the COVID-19 pandemic when her rotations were converted to telemedicine. Through this virtual rotation experience, she gained insight and interest into the field and hopes to bring that to the fellow students of PAVMT.

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    Calendar Event

    7 pm EST / 4 pm PST

    Cost: Free

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    Join presenter Rene Lumene, owner of Healthcare Experience LLC - a professional healthcare consulting group - and Sarah Purdy PA-C, owner of Today Telemedicine and president-elect of PAVMT for part 1 in a series of discussions on PA practice start up and ownership, with a focus on telemedicine.

    Topics will include
    • Practice start up 
    • Apply for tax EIN, group NPI
    • Insurance credentialing 
    • Revenue cycle management for telemedicine
    • Compliance 

    Rene Lumene, MBA, MHA
    CEO & Healthcare Business Consultant
    Healthcare Experiences, LLC.

    Rene is a highly accomplished health care executive with the ability to balance strategic decisions and financial discipline with a hands-on approach to leadership—resulting in strong employee, patient, and physician satisfaction. Engaging communicator and relationship builder with expertise in organizational planning, multimillion-dollar operational budget, contract negotiations, team development, and increasing visibility for growth. 

    With over 14 years of broad-based healthcare experience, Rene has developed a diverse and deep working knowledge of the private practices, services and a great understanding of industry regulations. His expertise is instrumental helping private practice providers enhance operational efficiencies, improve their bottom line, and optimize revenue cycle. He strives to maintain long-term relationships with clients by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering exceptional value to clients whenever they do business.

    Rene is a graduate of Webster University where he attained his Master’s in Health Administration and Master’s in Business Administration. He has worked for JPS Healthcare Network, Texas Health Resources Physicians Group and HCA Physician Services Group, which has held senior leadership roles as well as Ethics & Compliance Officer for the North Texas Division prior to starting his own Management Service Organization.

    Healthcare Experiences LLC, based in the Corinth, TX, was established in 2019 to provide professional healthcare consulting services to private practice providers desiring to start-up their practice or improve their operations. We specialize in planning, management, and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects and services. Our focus is on offering administrative support to private practice providers including credentialing, billing, remote patient scheduling, remote patient monitoring, compliance, and business management. We strive to anticipate your next challenge and help you strategize your next action.

    Sarah Purdy, PA-C
    Owner, Today Telemedicine
    PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine (PAVMT)

    Sarah is an experienced physician assistant of over 10 years with a wide range of clinical experience ranging from emergency medicine, urgent care, workers compensation, primary care, psychiatry, and addiction medicine. She has focused primarily in the telemedicine space since 2017 and has currently been telemedicine only since 2018. Sarah’s practice style is one of open communication with her patients in a judgement free environment focusing on the entire person not just a medical problem. 

    With over a decade of clinical experience in a wide range of medical specialties, she has developed increased knowledge of practice management, billing, and general small business practice solutions while working for single owner medical practices (and telemedicine companies). She has used this niche expertise to market herself to small practice (and start up organizations) with being their first PA hired and with education, strategic planning and execution has allowed other Pas to be hired as the companies grew. 

    Sarah is a proud graduate of the University of Florida Physician Assistant program and prior undergraduate education as a radiologic technologist at The University of Central Florida. She is also in a leadership role and in the founding year of Pas in Virtual and Telemedicine (PAVMT) special interest group turned nonprofit organization helping put Pas in the forefront of telemedicine. She served as the initial legislative co-chair and currently the president-elect position. 

    She has started a new chapter in her career with entrepreneurship with starting her own 100% owned telemedicine company, Today Telemedicine, service the state of Florida for urgent care, primary care and coming soon mental health. Today Telemedicine accepts most major insurance plans as well as affordable cash rate. Her business model is Physician-led, PA driven and Patient preferred care, focusing on team-based approach to acute and chronic illness-all via telemedicine. Her goal is to branch out multi state and create jobs for other physician assistants. 

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